Hi! I'm Chelsea!

     I was lucky enough to find my passion in baking at a young age. I began cooking and baking at home, but that quickly grew into a love of serving others through food. I took a job at the first bakery that would hire me with no experience, and I quickly decided baking was something I wanted to turn into my career. 

At 18, I went straight into pastry school after high school to Remington College in Garland, TX where I completed an in depth pastry program. All the while, honing in on my cake decorating skills at work; I discovered through pastry school that the world of pastry was so much larger then I had known! I started an internship with Food Network's Bronwen Weber in Dallas, TX while in pastry school, and learned more about cake then I had ever thought possible.

Once I graduated, I had the opportunity to work at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Dallas. There I learned how to feed desserts to the masses; 10-5,000 people! After a few more years of working hard and learning from other talented chefs, I've decided it's time to show you all what I have learned! I've created Sugar Social as a way to bring people together, share memories, and celebrate with specially made desserts. Help me to make your time together sweeter!


Contact me anytime!


#: 214.708.6311