Hi! We are both named Chelsea!


Sugar Social DFW is an all online bakery based in Plano, TX. We make desserts for all occasions and love doing it so much, we decided to create classes so you can learn how to do what we love! We can’t wait to serve you!


     Chelsea Flaming: I was lucky enough to find my passion in baking at a young age. I began cooking and baking at home, but that quickly grew into a love of serving others through food. I took a job at the first bakery that would hire me with no experience, and I quickly decided baking was something I wanted to turn into my career. 

At 18, I went straight into pastry school after high school to Remington College in Garland, TX where I completed an in depth pastry program. All the while, honing in on my cake decorating skills at work; I discovered through pastry school that the world of pastry was so much larger then I had known! I started an internship with Food Network's Bronwen Weber in Dallas, TX while in pastry school, and learned more about cake then I had ever thought possible.

Once I graduated, I had the opportunity to work at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Dallas. There I learned how to feed desserts to the masses; 10-5,000 people! After a few more years of working hard and learning from other talented chefs, I've decided it's time to show you all what I have learned! I've created Sugar Social as a way to bring people together, share memories, and celebrate with specially made desserts. Help me to make your time together sweeter!



Chelsea Prado: My love for baking started when I was a little girl spending weekends with my great grandmother. We would spend hours looking through her old cookbooks and testing out recipes.  She and my father taught me the value of hard work and I took that with me into the industry in 2008 working at several different bakeries. After the birth of my first son is 2011, I decided I wanted to make a career doing something I loved! I enrolled in pastry school where I met some of my biggest influences and supporters including one of my best friends, Chelsea Flaming.  I completed the pastry program, couldn’t get enough and went back to school to complete a degree in culinary arts. After working countless hours in several different jobs, and working in various types of kitchens, I decided to return to my first love of baking. Joining Sugar Social in the beginning of 2019 made me feel the same love and excitement I felt baking in my great Grandma’s kitchen.